Storm Born
Storm Born by Richelle Mead
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second comic book conversion of a Richelle Mead book that I’ve read and what I said in my review for Vampire Academy can be applied here.

The characters aren’t quite how I imagined them but then, are they ever? However, there was no problem in following the story and given the length of time since I’d read Dark Swan, I had no issues with remembering the story.

What was interesting to see is how the adult scenes such as Eugenie’s encounter with Kiyo in the hotel and Dorian’s court were handled. These were fine for the most part except for the fight with an ice elemental which resulted in some very odd poses for Eugenie in order that she could fight whilst naked whilst at the same time covering up so nothing was flashed. Ditto for Kiyo. I have no idea whether this was something that the artist just did or whether they had to due to other constraints.

Still comparing to the Vampire Academy graphic novel, the biggest different is whilst that was the entire book as a graphic novel; this volume is a collection of previously released comics and doesn’t tell the whole story so I’m expecting a further volume at some point.

The other difference is in the binding. This volume has been released as a hard cover and its pages are thinner than paper thin. My preference would have been for Vampire Academy’s paperback binding and quality of paper. Given that both cost approximately the same, it’s easy to see which gives better value for money.

So whilst the story and art work including a few pages of artist’s extras but with the exception of the previously mentioned dubious character poses are excellent, the actual packaging lets it down somewhat. Not that that will put me off purchasing the next volume.

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