Shadow Heir
Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

With Shadow Heir, Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan series comes to an end.

Was it a fitting end? After due consideration, I’d have to say not so much. Vampire Academy’s ending was brilliant whilst at the same time leaving enough openings for Bloodlines. The ending to the Georgina Kincaid series was very sweet and satisfying and fully deserved. But Shadow Heir ended the series at the wrong point and it felt as though the last twenty percent or so was tacked on.

I can understand and see why it was done because it did resolve the prophecy, I just feel as though it could have been woven into the story in a better way. For those that have read Shadow Heir, I’m not on about the situation with Ivy and Isaac because I understand the reasoning behind that decision. It’s laid out and explained succinctly enough. I’m actually referring to Pagiel. Whilst I’m all for unexpected twists and revelations to keep a reader on their toes but not at this late stage. In hindsight though, there were hints spaced throughout the book.

And Maiwenn? Ugh! Given how she started out as one of the good guys in Storm Born. Grr…

And on the subject of resolutions, it was an unexpected surprise to hear Volusian’s story. He has been one of the highlights of this series and his presence in Shadow Heir is no exception. Another familiar face making a funny return is Eugenie’s old house mate, Tim. Unfortunately, Lara, her PA was only mentioned in passing which is a shame.

Fans of Dorian won’t be disappointed given he was in fine form. Two other favourites of mine; Rurik and Shaya are present and all I can say about those two is ‘Yes!’ And it was nice to see Jasmine continue to grow.

Overall, Shadow Heir did its job and wrapped up the series but compared to how strong the series started and as I’ve done, compared it to Richelle Mead’s other endings to her other series, it’s not as strong. That negativity aside, I enjoyed the story and last night’s surge to get to the end to see how everything was resolved kept me up later than I’d intended. Always a sign of a good book!

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