Unleashing the Storm
Unleashing the Storm by Sydney Croft
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Unleashing the Storm is the second in the ACRO series and I’m pleased to say that it is just as erotic and as good as the first.

We’ve already me the hero of the piece; Tom ‘Ender’ Knight. He was one of the ACRO agents sent to assist Haley in the first novel. All we knew of him then was that he’s a sniper. As it turns out, he is also a very good albeit reluctant ‘convincer’, someone who is sent out to get people with special abilities to join ACRO by any means necessary. Or, if they won’t join, ensure that the bad guys, Itor Corp, doesn’t get them.

His target is Kira Donovan whose special ability is an animal whisperer. Doesn’t sound too special really does it? After all, there are horse whisperers and dog whisperers doing the rounds on TV already. However, not only can she communicate with them psychically; she can understand them when they talk back.

In fact, she’s so close to the animal world, she comes into heat that requires her to have sex every four hours over the course of four weeks. Ender’s arrival at the farm / animal rescue centre where she currently works just happens to coincide with the start of her season.

And there we have the dea ex machina that resolves the question of how two characters who have never met are having wild animal sex in a barn within a few pages. And whilst the sex is scorching and the reason may seem contrived it soon becomes apparent that there’s more to it than just fulfilling her needs.

As stated, Ender is very reluctant, not so much with the sex side but with trying to remain emotionally detached. But it’s not long before the constant sex starts to wear down his defences and Tommy becomes both possessive and protective of his charge and it’s then a question of can a relationship based upon sex evolve into something more?

Whilst that’s going on, Annika and Creed’s burgeoning relationship is further explored from where it was left off in the first book as are events that bought them together in the first place which leads to a shocking discovery for the head of ACRO.

Unleashing the Storm is certainly a busy book and it’s great to see that instead of taking the simple path of great sex leads to a great relationship and an eager recruit, both Ender and Kira try to resist pretty much everything. Even close to the end when final truths are revealed, an HEA is still in question.

Whilst the main story line is a great piece of PNRe, the side stories were just as good and it was great to see not only Annika and Creed but also Haley and Remy from the first book. Ender’s and Remy’s sniping at each other is hilarious!

As a final note, as with the first book there is a single scene with m/m action which apparently is a good way to exorcise an unwanted ghost!

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