Smokin' Seventeen
Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For the seventeenth in the series and not counting holiday specials, this book has to be something of a first because only by reading the preceding book does it become apparent want happened to the bail bonds office that Stephanie Plum usually works out of and why she, Lula, Connie and Vinnie are all working out of the back of Mooner’s bus. It is explained somewhat in a throw away sentence but reading about the whole story is so much better.

Another twist in the usual fayre is that the main story is not about the usual wacky skips that Stephanie has to track although there is a vampire to be traced. Someone is actually using the remains of the bail bonds office as a dumping ground for bodies that are addressed ‘For Stephanie’.

Not only that but Joe Morrelli’s grandmother and Stephanie’s own mother both take a direct hand in her love life with potentially fatal consequences.

And if that wasn’t all, a face from the past appears and it’s not a happy one.

It can definitely be said that Smokin’ Seventeen is full to bursting with all that going on and is done with all the humour and style that is the trademark of this series. The only thing that I found a bit lacking was Stephanie’s failure to realise who the bad guy was until it was pointed out to her especially given that she ran through a list of people that she knew that might fit the profile. However, that’s fairly minor given that I don’t think that these books are meant to be true whodunnits.

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