Hunting Season
Hunting Season by Shelly Laurenston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As second in command of the Jersey Crows in service of Skuld, a Norse goddess (equivalent to Fates), Neecy Lawrence doesn’t have time for romance which means she really doesn’t have time nor appreciate Wilhelm Yager, genuine nice guy and leader of the Ravens, Odin’s warriors.

Whilst the story is set in Shelly Laurenston’s New York and there are shifters in it, there are no characters from the Pride series making an appearance. In fact, despite their name, the Crows and Ravens aren’t shifters at all but human who can grow huge black wings from their namesakes and fly at night.

Their role is a simple one; hunt down anyone that has earned the enmity of their respective deity generally by stealing an artefact and even worse, activating it.

Hunting Season contains everything that characterises a Shelly Laurenston book; alpha characters, snarky dialogue, hilarious scenes, bloody fights and hot sex scenes all tied together with a story woven throughout.

Aside from the bad guys which are not supposed to be liked anyway, I adored each character and how they were portrayed especially given how strong the Neecy and Yager are in terms of their character strength that there was no submission from either side but rather a breaking down of self-imposed barriers.

There were stand out moments that had me literally laughing out loud. There are books that are funny and will make me smile but few will have me stop reading because I’m laughing so hard. All I will say is that the antics going on whilst Neecy and Yager play chess would make Abbot and Costello proud.

I found the story and its mix of Norse mythology to be interesting as well such as how the Crows and Ravens come to be and the interplay between the gods and their servants. But it’s also clear that Shelly Laurenston also researched the mythos and didn’t simply pick names at random.

The only thing I didn’t like about Hunting Season? To date, it’s the only book in the series. Given that the Pride and Dragonkin series are the focus at the moment, I can only hope that this gets continued in the future.

A great book for those new to Shelly Laurenston’s work and / or fans of Norse related tales. An absolute must for existing readers.

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