A Riley Bloom Novel: Dreamland
A Riley Bloom Novel: Dreamland by Alyson Noel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just like the previous two in the Riley Bloom series, Dreamland is a bit of a hard book for me to review given that I’m probably about three times the age of its target audience. This would mean that any issues that I had with it would most likely not be seen by the intended readership.

However, I will say that this didn’t seem to be on a par with Radiance or Shimmer possibly due to the non-threatening circumstances as the entire story takes place in Here and Now. Riley didn’t seem herself, either. Although this maybe down to her desperation of so wanting to be thirteen, something she previously throught was beyond her after see died.

But that yearning and Riley’s journey to becoming older is what makes this book worth reading. Another bonus is a brief appearance by her older and still very much alive sister; Ever. We also get to see Riley’s parents who died in the same car crash with Riley and their dog; Buttercup although personally, I don’t like them much.

After all, what kind of parent who, when arriving in Here and Now effectively abandon their twelve year old daughter in pursuit of their own goals?! I have nieces around the same age and I sure wouldn’t leave them alone even if nothing could technically happen to them anymore!

/rant off

I’ll probably contiue reading the series if there are future books just to see if Riley does attain her dream of being a teenager. That, and these are extremely quick reads.

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