Seduced by the Storm
Seduced by the Storm by Sydney Croft
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If it wasn’t for the fact that there are currently another three books left to read in the series, I’d have said that Seduced by the Storm is an excellent end to a trilogy! This is because in addition to the main story, which I’ll get to momentarily, there are a couple of resolutions to important factors that have carried through the ACRO series.

The first is Annika’s, Creeds and Quaty’s relationship and whilst all three sometimes made me grit my teeth at their sheer stubbornness I think that made how they finally came together that much more satisfying. Admittedly, the boy meets girl, both fall in love and live HEA makes for short and dull reading and so far, these books are anything but!

The ongoing plot with Itor’s weather machine is also concluded as part of Wyatt’s and Faith Black’s story, the hero and heroine of the piece. Both are brand new characters to the series and we’re quickly bought up to speed with who they are and what their special abilities are. He apparently is a walking aphrodisiac who can pump out pheromones that make others of both sexes want him. And she is a biokinetic which means that she can affect the biology of other people in any way up to and including killing them.

Interestingly, whilst they are both the good guys of the piece they work for different agencies. He for ACRO but she works for The Aquarius Group or TAG for short who fall under the purview of MI6 and they’re both after the weather machine for different reasons; he to destroy it and she to obtain in exchange for a sister in mortal danger.

The weather machine is and always has been a mere plot device and that’s wrapped up relatively quickly and the main story is the relationship between Wyatt and Faith and how they both want each other after the mission, both knowing that such a thing is not going to be possible given conflicting orders over how to handle the device.

Add to that the small issue that Faith’s childhood friend now works for Itor and a double cross from a family member and throw in the expected phenomenally steamy sex scenes and there are all the ingredients for a cracking story.

Finally, whilst I mentioned Annika and Creed earlier, pretty much everyone else previously introduced make a significant showing. Dev, Oz and Marlena as well as Remy and Haley from Riding the Storm who, giving the nature (ha!) of the plot would be expected anyway. Only Ender and Kira from Unleashing the Storm don’t appear, but Kira is mentioned in the epilogue as someone whose triplets Wyatt is going to visit. I always appreciate it when previous major characters aren’t simply forgotten about.

There was just one thing that bugged me. Just a little thing and doesn’t detract from the story but it did make me roll my eyes. Whilst it’s perfectly possible to get Devonshire cream tea (and you should when you can!), Devonshire doesn’t exist; it’s Devon!

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