Art Of The Mass Effect Universe
Art Of The Mass Effect Universe by Various
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I’m not sure that one can so much ‘read’ an art book as simply gawp at each page, sometimes with envy thinking “I wish I had even half the talent!”. If I didn’t have so much respect for books, I’d think I’d rip this apart to get the pictures out and frame them.

I missed out getting the art book when Mass Effect was first released and I can even remember thinking “Must get that some day” but I never did. The good thing about this book is that it includes artwork from all three games.

Not only did I find it interesting to see the concept work and the works that didn’t quite make the cut but it’s also good to see what is in the game. It’s a little hard to examine a brute in game when it’s trying to pound you into the ground or examine the architecture of Thessia when you have Reaper forces trying to stop you!

Whilst this book doesn’t add or take away anything to the enjoyment of the game itself, it does make me appreciate the effort of what went into a gorgeous game (even if the first is starting to look a little dated compared to the last). For instance, everything has an art asset including Shepard, the armour, weapons, ships even down to Jack’s tattoos.

Outside of fans of the game, I can probably see this appealing to those interested in sci-fi art.

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