Tempting the Fire
Tempting the Fire by Sydney Croft
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In Tempting the Fire, fifth in the ACRO series we get a two for one deal in that there are two main couples whose stories are told. But this doesn’t compromise the story as they’re all involved in the same mission; the hunt for a mythical and very deadly creature in the Amazon rain forest.

Representing the good guys are ACRO’s cryptozoologist; Sela Kahne, who we briefly met in the last book and Devlin’s former personal assistant, Marlena West who has no special abilities herself other than being cursed.

Marlena’s sent now that she’s completed her training as a seducer with orders to seduce Logan Mills. He runs GWC a weapons company that may or may not also be after the beast but whose company is closely tied to the series bad guys; Itor Corp.

However, what’s the old say? Plans fall apart in the face of the enemy? Suffice to say that the only thing that goes to plan is that Sela and Marlena are captured by Logan and is team. After that, things get very interesting very quickly and the jungle’s not the only thing providing the steam.

Despite Sela and Logan being the main story, I actually enjoy Marlena’s more probably due to the fact that she’s been a side character throughout the series so far and the ‘Chance’ (ha! Oh read it. You’ll get the joke.) for her to find her HEA despite her step-sister’s curse is very satisfying.

It’s also good to see that even with everything seemingly resolved between Annika and Creed, to quote one of the characters, things don’t end with saying “I love you” as their relationship is moved to the next level, although not easily.

Another change with this book is a battle between ACRO and Itor. There have been spats previously such as the heroes trying to escape or lone Itor agents meeting an end but this is the first where the two sides having been pitted against each other, special against special. This does come with the ultimate cost for both sides but does create an interesting set-up for the next book in the series. Don’t worry, there isn’t a cliff hanger but I happen to have read the blurb for Taken by Fire!

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