Second Grave on the Left
Second Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Second Grave on the Left is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the second book in the Charley Davidson series. I’m pleased to say that it is just as wacky, sexy, funny and in parts, as sad as the first.

All the characters from the first book return. Obviously there is Charley herself, the only grim reaper on the planet. Her devilishly hot boyfriend; Reyes Farrow. Her best friend, neighbour and employee; Cookie Kolwaski. As well as Ubie, her dad, sister and evil step-mom.

The action begins a week after the events of the first book with Cookie waking Charley up in the middle of the night because Cookie’s close friend, Mimi has disappeared, failing to turn up to an arranged meet. As such Cookie is anxious to start the search and Charley hasn’t even had a coffee yet!

What follows is something of a very mysterious mystery as Charley and Cookie discover that not only has Mimi disappeared but that people she went to school with are turning up dead.

Whilst all of that is going on, there is the small matter of why there is a dead guy in Cookie’s car. Well, the ghost of one. Oh, and since waking from a coma and walking out of the hospital, Reyes keeps appearing to Charley insisting that she has to stop trying to find is corporeal body.

And more body parts are named!

There’s a lot going on in this book and it’s difficult to determine which is the main plotline. Not that that’s a bad thing as they are given equal time and justice. One doesn’t suffer at the expense of the other and I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of it all. I also enjoyed the twist at the end of one of the threads in that the bad person wasn’t who I (and Charley) thought it was.

It also follows the first book in that whilst everything is resolved plot-wise, things are left wide open which make me want to read the next book. Note that I said want to and not have to.

Definitely a series for those who prefer their grim reapers with less grim and more juice (it says so on her shorts!)

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