The Golden Lily
The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I was reading the last chapter of The Golden Lily, I was thinking “Yes, yes, YES! Nooooooo…!” Sometimes Richelle Mead can be so cruel. Relax, though. I didn’t mean that it ended on a cliff hanger but it would have made a nice and neat resolution to what everyone who has read thus far wants. That said, though, in all of the author’s series so far, the final resolution doesn’t come until the last book in the series. And let’s face it, if we’d have gotten what we wanted now, what would we have been anticipating in the next book; The Indigo Spell?

As you can see from the five star rating, I enjoyed the book even though nothing much happened. And by that I mean there wasn’t much actual action. Aside from the school assembly sequence which I would have given anything to see happen when I went to school, the suspense part of the plot didn’t take all that much page time and was left until the final ten percent of the book or so to resolve.

The large majority of the book was made up of relationships with particular emphasis on father / child relationships. Not only that, there was time given to the internal dynamics of the group as well as how they handled external relationships. Sydney’s, in particular was cringeworthy just to watch for a couple of points. Not only because it’s clear who she will eventually end up with and so Brayden (or was it Brandon? Brendon? Whatever!) was so not the one for her.

What I really enjoyed is how Sydney is developing into a very different heroine that Rose. As a dhampir, Rose was practically born into her role and as she matured it was a role she embraced and excelled at. Whilst at time she thought of having a different life, one that would make her life easier, she nonetheless accepted who she is. Sydney, on the otherhand, whilst also trained to be an alchemist from a very young age and indeed, has embraced it is now struggling with its limitations. The lines between them and us, where loyalties are supposed to lie and magic are becoming very blurry. It will be interesting to see where she ends up and how different she is from when we first met her in the Vampire Academy series.

Which brings up a question that I’ve just thought of. I’m sure when we first met her in Russia, she had a burger and fries with Rose? Now she is so fastidious about her diet. Hmm.

But it’s certainly interesting to see how Sydney handles situations differently from Rose. Indeed, we see what Rose would have done thanks to the dhampir who has been sent to them to assit guarding Jill. Again. Hilarious and fully justified school assembly sequence.

All in all, a great second book in Bloodlines series. But I can believe that I now have to wait until February 2013 for The Indigo Spell. Gah!

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