Seduction and Snacks
Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off, a big thank you to MsKitty for recommending Seduction and Snacks to me.

Second of all, this book is fucking HILARIOUS. No, I don’t usually swear in my reviews, but that leads me onto the third point.

Third, this book is littered with profanities, curses and swearing in general and is used to such great effect especially when spouted by Gavin, a four year old boy. And if constant use of the word ‘vagina’ offends, this is definitely not the book for you, either.

The premise is simple. Claire, a young college girl who has sworn to herself never to have children gets drunk at a frat party one night and ends up giving this hot guy her virginity and whilst not regretting it at all the next morning, quietly leaves without knowing the boys name. Six weeks later, she finds out that it only takes one and she is pregnant.

Carter, the boy in question is an out of town student who, despite being equally drunk and not knowing the girl’s name is enamoured of her and her scent of chocolate. And despite searching for the unnamed girl, doesn’t find her.

Five years later, Claire has Gavin to look after with help of her father and Carter relocates to her town from Toledo and they meet once again under a drunken haze. Hijinks ensue.

All the characters in the story are eminently likeable. Claire is doing an awesome job as an accidental single parent and is getting on with life. Her little boy, Gavin is a champion. A champion for chaos with a sewer mouth and no filter but a true champion nonetheless. Her best friend, who it could be said, is partly responsible for how Claire’s life turned out because she’s the one that took Claire to the fateful frat part is a true best friend even down to advising what sex toys to start out with.

Drew, Carter’s friend who has moved with him from Toledo and Jenny are a riot act. He’s just a big kid and some of the stuff she comes out with is the kind of stuff that makes you pause for a second and ask yourself if she really did just say that.

As for Carter, the accidental absentee father, he mans up quite nicely after receiving perhaps the biggest shock of his life. Given that these are all people in their mid-twenties they have some surprisingly steady heads on their shoulders. Hmm, perhaps not Drew.

This isn’t a book that I would ordinarily have bought so yay for the power of good recommendations. I must have giggled, snorted, smiled, laughed out loud and chortled throughout this book. I’d quote passages that I particularly liked but I’d end up quoting the entire book. As well as being outrageously funny it’s also sweet without being cloying. The sex is just right as well. Kudos points for emphasizing safe sex without ruining the scene as well.

I’m happy to report that Tara Sivec is working on a sequel that should be out very soon.

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