How to Drive a Dragon Crazy
How to Drive a Dragon Crazy by G.A. Aiken
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And so finally, after what seems like absolutely ages, we get to Éibhear’s and Iseabail’s mating. Neither character needs introducing having been first met them early in the series. Éibhear the Blue was a young dragon, naive, the apple of his mother’s eye and still growing. Iseabail was the sixteen year old daughter of Talaith and it was pretty much love at first sight for both of them. We knew it. They knew it. Books and years went by but all they kept doing was dancing around each other as they both grew and slowly matured.

After ten years have past since the events in The Dragon Who Loved Me, Izzy is now a general of three of Queen Annwyl’s legions and has grown and matured into an accomplished soldier doing something she loves together with her cousin and best friend; Branwen. In the meantime, Éibhear is now a squad leader in the Mì-runach, an outfit of dragon berserkers and has at long last, stopped growing and come into his own.

As much as I would have probably liked, I’m really glad that it’s only now that these two have finally gotten together. The events in previous books as well as the ten year gap have given these pair the chance to grow up which they both desperately needed. That’s not to say everything was smooth sailing when they both finally met again after spending the intervening years apart. Oh no. This is a Dragon Kin book. Arguing and fighting with each other is expected even between a very dirty uncle and naughty niece. No blood connection though!

The other advantage of moving the story on ten years is seeing the changes in others especially Rhianwen, Izzy’s sister and Talwyn and Talen, Annwyl’s twins and how they are slowly learning their powers now that they are teenagers. In addition to them, we also get to catch up with just about anyone. In fact the only two that I can think weren’t in it but they were mentioned were Ebba, the children’s centaur baby sitter and Ghleanna, Brannie’s mother.

But despite containing the entire cast of all the previous books, How to Drive a Dragon Crazy never felt crowded or that there was too much going on, even when Izzy’s natural father’s family were introduced. With that lot, there was the usual and loved family bickering, fights and hilarity that is the trade mark of these books.

My only concern is that with Éibhear now happily paired off that he was the last of Rhiannon’s children to find their mates. Whilst the series could end here, I hope it doesn’t. After all, the epilogue left things very open for further tales and there is still Brannie. Where Izzy goes, her cousin follows, even if it does take getting her blind drunk to do it.

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