Futures and Frosting
Futures and Frosting by Tara Sivec
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If this book isn’t the funniest book I’ve read, it certainly ranks right up there together with Tara Sivec’s first; Seduction and Snacks. And I think this is funnier than that and as my review for that said, “it was fucking hilarious”. This had my giggling and snorting out loud, There were times that I had to stop reading so I could control myself and go back to it only to start of again.

So at the end of romantic stories where the lovely couple have a happy ever after, do you, like me, ever wonder what the happy ever after is actually like for the couple? Well, in Futures and Frosting we find out, vaginas and all!

The premise is actually a very simple one. As anyone who has been in a relationship knows, seeing someone, even sleeping with them is an entirely different thing to actually living with someone. It’s only then that you find out if you are truly compatible with your partner and here with have the marriage-phobic Claire, whose parents have been married five times between them to Carter who wants to do the decent thing.

This highlights the lack of communication between the two which leads to some simply brilliant comedic pieces. All of which is set against Liz and Jim’s combined stag and hen do and wedding and Drew and Jenny’s growing, er, romance. Actually, I’m not sure what those two have. Aside from the hilarity, the story is, if you’ll pardon the expression given the book and series names, very sweet. You can’t help but root for Claire and Carter and you just know that with all their friends and family on their side that they’ll get through these early days.

And actually, the proposal, when it happens, is perfect.

And I’ve not even mentioned Gavin yet. The “G-man” is an absolute star. Foul mouthed, very observant, smart and a little devil but still the sheer delight nonetheless that he was in Seduction and Snacks.

Just like Seduction and Snacks, I’m not going to quote my favourite bits because I’d end up quoting the entire book but there are one or two outstanding moments of genius. As an example, I’m going to say ‘drunken Facebook’ and leave it at that. Ever done it? Claire does it in style, baby! Also, ceiling fan baseball. That’s all I’m saying.

Fortunately, whilst Futures and Frosting appears to be the end which would be very sad, it’s not. On her Facebook page, Tara Sivec has stated that there is one more book in the series to come, this time focusing on Drew and Jenny. No news yet as to whether this would be set concurrently to the two existing books or set afterwards but I can’t wait.

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