Pleasure of a Dark Prince
Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole
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There are certain things that annoy me about Kresley Cole’s series.

1) Her attempt at writing a Scottish brogue. She can’t do it. I’ve covered this before with ‘doona’ but now includes ‘canna’.

2) There are books that run concurrently. Sometimes, this works wonderfully such as the two books involving the Woede brothers. One after the other but running side by side. This worked because the previous book’s events were still fresh in the mind. Not so here. A large part of Pleasure of a Dark Prince runs concurrently with Lachlain and Emmaline’s story way back in a A Hunger Like No Other. Yes, that’s the second book in the series which was eight books ago! So trying to remember how Emma got wounded was pretty much an exercise in futility. I’ve read a lot since then and not just in this series!

3) Any male with the surname of MacRieve. Talk about caveman, arrogant bastard mentality! If I were in Lucia’s shoes, I’d have shot Garreth MacRieve with an arrow. Okay, she does. Several times. But clearly not in the right place to get her point across.

She is attracted to him and asks for year to deal with a minor issue like a freaking APOCALYPSE and they’ll hook up after. Does he? Nope. He follows her like a dog (heh. A dog! Sorry, little joke with him being a werewolf and all).

She has secrets that aren’t (yet) any of his business. What’s does he do? Snatches her only means of defending herself from her and refuses to give it back.

Lucia absolutely can’t have sex with anyone until the aforementioned end of the world is averted. Despite the fact of some trauma the last time she had sex, her powers rely on her remaining chaste. Like Garreth gives a fuck. Actually, he did. To her. Not that she was unwilling but she knew she wouldn’t be able to say no hence the wanting a year apart. Sex equals no powers which equals no means to avert the apocalypse other than self sacrifice.

So far we have Lachlain who essentially kidnapped his mate, Bowen who entombed his and now Garreth with pretty much no respect for personal boundaries. And I thought the Wroth’s were bad! Well, I guess they are just not as bad as the MacRieve clan.

All that said, I did enjoy Pleasure of a Dark Prince. There was a significant expansion on the back story of young valkyries and how they live. Previously, there was the simple explanation of Wodin and Freya taking a mortally wounded woman from the battlefield who then has a valkyrie daughter.

The story really got going when it separated from what had gone before and moved on to the trip up the Amazon and the search for a god killer. Then we were presented with some passengers and crew who were not all they appeared to be and nothing Garreth and Lucia could identify either. Oh and there were mega-fauna involved!

Whilst Regin the Radiant has made appearances in a lot of the series by now, more life is breathed into her character given how close she and Lucia are and the dialogue between them; even via text messages is witty and entertaining. Of course, no book in the series would be complete without Nucking Futs Nix and the scatterbrained proto-Valkyrie is present whilst Lucia makes what could be a disturbing discovery about her.

One final point worth mentioning, that would have seen a star deducted had I read this when originally released was the epilogue. Whilst not a cliff hanger in that Lucia’s and Garreth’s story is resolved (even though it may not look like it at some late stages), it does leave the reader hanging with what’s happened with other side characters. Fortunately, as of time of writing, Carrow’s, Regin’s and Lothaire’s stories have since been published.

On the whole then, not the best in the Immortals After Dark series but still an enjoyable romp with the Loreans.

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