Christmas on Mimosa Lane
Christmas on Mimosa Lane by Anna DeStefano
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Given the title Christmas on Mimosa Lane, the cover and the blurb this sounded just like a warm, festive tale. And it is.

Eventually. After it put my emotions through the wringer!

This is actually a story of overcoming heartache in form or another with the season as the catalyst that drives the characters. There is Peter Lombard and his daughter, Polly who are both still grieving at the loss of wife and mother, Emma to cancer. Thanksgiving was pretty much a disaster and Christmas doesn’t look like it’s going to be all that much better.

On the other hand, Mallory Phillips, their new next door neighbour appears to be all set for the holiday with biggest and brightest tree of them all. And yet this former child of the streets where she lived with her mother also has major misgivings about the season. Her upbringing has meant that as much as she wants to be included she is also very guarded and will panic.

This is certainly not a case of people meeting and a magic balm being placed on all concerned relieving them of their hurts. Even until the last page, it wasn’t certain if there was going to be a HEA. It’s a story of gentle healing and even with the heaviest of losses; with the right care administered people at their lowest point can recover.

Perhaps this is a short review but this is not my usual sort of fare. There’s no ‘big bad’ here. There did look to be a character who may have been unlikeable but that was just a case of a caring community being too much too soon but once this was recognised, it was understood. As I’ve stated this is a gentle, warm tale about the loss of mothers, grief and healing.

Definitely not a light and twee story but thoroughly recommended. Another major plus point is the new ability to borrow books as a member of Amazon Prime.

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