Troubles and Treats
Troubles and Treats by Tara Sivec
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It probably comes as no surprise but unfortunately Troubles and Treats is the last in the utterly hilarious Chocolate Lovers trilogy. I can only hope that at some point in future Tara Sivec decides to revisit these characters.

This final instalment is set some six years after Futures and Frosting and shifts the story to Drew and Jenny. In the intervening time, they’ve had two children; Veronica who is three and Billy who is not yet one. Their friends; Liz and Jim have had three girls but Claire and Carter have wisely remained with two.

Business is booming and Seduction and Snacks has now become a franchise. People want chocolate and sexy things. Who knew? Whilst the business is successful and Jenny is now the marketing manager, unfortunately home life with Drew is not as smooth sailing. Whilst they both want the (sex) life they had before Billy was born, neither know how to communicate with the other to get back to that state resulting in a lot of mis-communication which leads to some of the most hilarious scenes.

Let me get the negative out of the way first because there are two things that I actually didn’t like about this book and both concern Drew. The first is it seemed like the majority of the book is told from his point of view whereas I would have much preferred more of Jenny’s side. The other thing is that whilst Drew was a great comedic side character and foil to Carter in the first two books he is without a doubt a full on man child and so unbelievably selfish because of it. And times I just wanted to throttle him. There, that’s my rant over.

On the positive side, Troubles and Treats is as hilarious as the two preceding books. It literally had me laughing on every page with the antics the crowd gets up to. Jenny’s substitution of words or their meaning is in full force. Jenny herself is a sweetheart and it’s clear that she is in love with Drew and right for him. I think he is also right for her, just undeserving.

The children are just a sheer force of nature. Unfortunately, whilst Gavin is now ten, he doesn’t make that many appearances but it’s worth it when he does. For a three year old Veronica knows more swear words than I do and also seems to have picked up her mother’s knack of substituting wholly inappropriate words for others.

Whilst Claire’s father is absent, Drew’s own father who is also ex-military more than adequately steps up to the plate. And when Jenny’s parent’s are introduced, let’s just say naivete and replacing words appears to be a family trait. Hairy clams for a fish dinner anyone? As previously mentioned, Claire and Carter, Liz and Jim are here. You couldn’t ask for better friends for help. Or hindrance, more often than not.

And speaking of clams, VAGINA! Oh vagina is in abundance in the book in all forms from hairy to birthing to waxed. If you have no love of the great state of VAGINA! this book is perhaps not for you.

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