Tempting the Beast (Breeds, #1)
Tempting the Beast (Breeds, #1) by Lora Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cunt and barbed cocks.

Have I offended? Then Tempting the Beast is certainly not for you! I have to take my hat off to Lora Leigh for not shying away from using language like that. I’ve said before how I feel when authors seem to have no problem in using ‘cock’ for their men but when it comes to women, it’s usually terms like ‘sex’ or ‘core’ or the rare ‘pussy’ that are used. Lora Leigh has no such problem which I admire.

Despite my annoyance at the terms used, as my past reviews indicate, I’ve read a lot of paranormal romance and a lot if it has been scorching. Tempting the Beast is probably the first that I’ve read that I would class as paranormal erotica. It’s not the constant usage of ‘cunt’ (I do love that word) that it makes it so but rather that the book is packed with sex between the main protagonists.

They are Merinus, just her in a family of seven over-protective brothers who is determined to get to the bottom of the story about Callan, a man who is part lion. I don’t mean that he has fur or a tail or anything like that but his embryo was spliced with lion DNA. He’s not a shifter or were-cat but a man with the senses and passions of the animal side of his DNA. Oh, and the bearer of that barbed cock that I mentioned earlier.

Of course, nothing is ever simple because whilst Merinus wants to bring Callan in, she does so in order that she and her family can protect him from the mysterious but very deadly Council who created him and from whom he escaped. They want him back but he doesn’t want to go back and when they learn that Merinus and Callan have, and keep right on mating, the Council want her as well.

So in addition to the near constant sex there is also some danger and suspense all of which make for a decent read. The only real let down for me were the attitudes of both Callan and Merinus’ older brother; Kane. Both displayed shockingly aggressive caveman behaviour towards the two major women in the story. Callan’s attitude was partially explained through his bestial heritage in getting ‘his female’ to submit to him and acknowledge his dominance over her. Fair play to Merinus though. She makes him work for it. But even so, that sort of attitude doesn’t make for pleasant reading for me hence only four stars. My idea of an alpha male is someone who is mean to pretty much everyone except his mother and his woman.

Despite that criticism, I’ll still continue with the Breeds series for the time being because whilst the story is resolved in Tempting the Beast, there are also plenty of openings that intrigue me.

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