Evangelina Green
Evangelina Green by Susan Firtik
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don’t know about anybody else but when a friend asks me to try something new that they’ve spent a long time creating, I have that feeling of trepidation. Will I like it? What do I say, if I don’t? Is it better not to say anything at all and spare hurt feelings? Reading Evangeline Green for the author, a friend on Goodreads bought about the same feeling.

Well, as can be seen from the three stars, I liked it. Two stars means that it was okay but it deserves more than that. It had all the elements that make a paranormal romance; three sisters with a mysterious lineage, shifters, vampires and a mysterious old mansion bequeathed to the three sisters that seems to have secrets of its own. Oh! And some very steamy romance scenes. It would hardly be a romance without those now would it?

Evangelina Green, or Lina as she’s known is the titular protagonist of the book and is overseeing the renovations of the big old mansion where she and her two sisters; Tatianna (Tashi) and Antionetta (Netta) spent there summers with a couple the three regarded as their grandparents. As part of a plan to restore the house and revive the nearby town, they are also going to have an onsite veterinary practice and it’s not long before Lina literally bumps into Keaton Wolfe someone she considers to be out of her league.

Before we know it, shortly after her two sisters arrive, Tashi is smitten with Victor a vampire no less and despite being ill with an unspecified affliction, Netta is getting the most intense dreams courtesy of Tomas, one of the mansion’s resident ghosts. Of course, nothing is smooth sailing and it soon becomes apparent that they are surrounded on all sides by foes of various kinds.

And so I come to why I could only given this book three stars and it has all to do with the pacing which is best described as frantic. There is a lot going with a lot of threads all attempting to be woven together and it doesn’t quite fit together. I think I recognise what’s happened and that is that the author either whilst plotting or writing has been overwhelmed with ideas and has tried to get them down before they are forgotten.

However, as I’ve stated this has led to a lot of plot lines but they suffer from not being fully fleshed out. For example, there are shifters being hunted resulting in innocent humans being killed, one of the sisters is kidnapped, a demon and his black witch servant want the sisters and their seems to be a malevolent presence in the mansion that is attempting to prevent the Lina and company from finding out who they really are. These are all decent and intriguing plot lines and given that this is the first book in a series I’m of the opinion that perhaps just one should have been picked and leave the others for future books.

Related to this ball of threads is the constant switching of points of view between characters. The majority of books that I read are told from a third person perspective and the usual fashion is to devote perhaps a chapter to one view before switching. Or at least there is a very clear delineation between the differing views. It seemed to be the case that there was a constant back and forth between view points that was a little jarring.

I’m hoping that this has come across as constructive and not scathing because I did like this. And I’ve certainly never produced anything like the length of this book when I’ve written. Overall, I’m rather impressed with the effort put in by someone who is not a professional author but has taken her passion of the genre and tried her hand at the craft.

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