Divine By Blood
Divine By Blood by P.C. Cast
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Do you know that the only reason that Divine By Blood was granted five stars and a position on my coveted ‘Favourites’ shelf was because of the ending? No, I don’t mean that I’m glad it’s over. Don’t be mean!

Although to be fair I did find it harder going than the previous two books. Those two; Divine By Mistake and Divine By Choice were told in a first person perspective from the point of view from Shannon Christine Parker who was transplanted from Oklahoma to Partholon to be the High Priestess of the Goddess Epona. And she was a wonderful character to journey with. Smart, sassy and down to earth (or should that be down to partholon?) who likes food and red wine, perhaps a bit too much.

And after a prologue that is bittersweet, Divine By Blood starts out in that fashion. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t stay that way. The majority of this book is set some eighteen years after the events in Divine By Choice and primarily about Morrigan, Rhiannon’s daughter. Rhiannon being the former chosen of Epona and Shannon’s mirror in Partholon. If you’re not following, you really need to start with Divine By Mistake.

But I digress. Here I am used to a series told in a first person narrative from the point of view of a mature woman and after a particularly sad scene the perspective switches to third person and the protagonist becomes this eighteen year old girl. Now I’m sure there are eighteen year olds out there who are fairly sensible and mature. Morrigan isn’t, though. Putting it bluntly she is a typical teenager; obnoxious, bratty, possibly spoiled.

But there are times when she does shine and the maturity comes through given the situation she finds herself in. And it’s that maturity combined with the fact that Shannon, long absent from the book except by reference, makes a reappearance together with Rhiannon at the last that pulls this book back to the heights this series has set itself. And the ending is a particularly brutal one. Thank Epona for epilogues, that’s all I will say on the matter.

And yeah, being Epona’s Chosen Beloved? Bloody hard work that puts you through the wringer, that’s for sure!

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