Triad by Lauren Dane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Books are essentially meals for the mind. You have epic tales that are akin to the occasional full on blowout that leaves you stuffed and there is your standard fare that you are comfortable with and have on a day to day basis. Continuing this books are food analogy then, Triad falls clearly into the fast food category in that it’s quick and easy but also something of a guilty pleasure and you just know that before too long you’ll have another, but perhaps not just yet.

And when I say quick and easy, I mean it. To give you an example, I can some up the meeting between Amelia (Lee) and Aiden like so:

“Hi, I’m Lee.”
“Hey Lee, I’m your new neighbour and you’re gorgeous. Shall we make love?”
“Well, alright then.”

I might be paraphrasing slightly but not by much. Lee is a dream walker which is a very powerful type of witch. So powerful that only one is born in every generation and Lee comes from a long line of powerful New Orleans witches. Aiden, her new neighbour is actually a 200 something year old vampire and the pair having been dreaming about each other for awhile now. Alex, who Lee has also been dreaming about is a wizard on the light path and also Aiden’s best friend and they form the titular Triad.

It is this triad that is given the task of defeating an evil mage who used to be a god before he was stripped of his god-hood. And how do they do this? With lots of sex to combine their powers, of course. And I mean a lot so that it is almost, but not quite crosses the line from erotica into porn. Not that I would have minded, if it had but it didn’t.

The thing is, with everything happening so fast with the three meeting up, practically jumping on top of each other quickly getting over any jealousy, I never felt any connection with any of the characters. So much so that when a secondary character died, I wasn’t affected. The grief was shown but it hardly put a dent in the triad’s path of experiencing some hot sex.

Triad was an enjoyable romp into a world of magical sex and witchcraft. As for the rest of the Witches Knot series, I’ll certainly get to them the next time my mind needs a guilty pleasure!

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