Blood Hunt
Blood Hunt by L.L. Raand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are few series that make me instantly buy the next book in the series immediately after finishing the previous and I’m pleased to say that L.L. Raand’s Midnight Hunters is such a series.

Blood Hunt is the second book. I haven’t posted a review for the first; The Midnight Hunt because I was on holiday at the time of finishing but rest assured that that also received the full five stars and was placed upon my favourites shelf.

So a quick recap for followers of my reviews (I like to think I have some!). The Preatern species; Weres, Vampires, Fae and Wizards have revealed themselves to the rest of the world. Naturally, some people in both human society and those in the praetern who thought that they should have remained secret aren’t happy about that.

It was Sylvan Mir’s father who led the exodus and now she, as the current alpha of the wolf weres has picked up the banner. Following events in The Midnight Hunt, she is now mated and we were also introduced to Jody Gates and police detective by profession and vampire by birth and the human reporter Becca Land.

If you’re not aware, L.L. Raand or Radclyffe is a writer of lesbian fiction (Sylvan’s mate is also female). Not only that but these books are some of the most erotic fiction that I’ve ever read without actually resorting to any of the usual prose used by most of the authors that I’ve read. By that I mean, where an author might use ‘pussy’, ‘sex’ or whatever to intimately describe a woman but L.L. Raand uses none of that. You would not believe, until you read, how erotic she makes ‘they ground their hips together’.

The eroticism is non-stop. Both the weres and vampires, the two species that we’ve been introduced to in greater detail are both heavily reliant on sex. With the weres that because their wolves are very close to the surface and intense situations can bring out a ‘fight it or fuck it’ response and what effects one wolf affects others due to scents and pheromones. With vampires, the act of taking blood from hosts makes both the vampire and very willing feeder orgasm like never before.

Blood Hunt, as might be surmised by the title is Jody’s and Becca’s story although I would say that the story focuses on them just a little more than it did in The Midnight Hunt. Rather, it appears that Blood Hunt is a direct continuation of the previous book with the action picking up exactly where The Midnight Hunt ended.

As I’ve stated, there are factions that are not happy about the exodus and it was revealed in the first book that two female weres assumed to have been killed or eloped have been taken against their will and Blood Hunt concerns the search for what happened to Gray and Katya.

In summary, if you enjoy spicy hot erotic fiction involving weres and vampires (and, quite frankly, who wouldn’t?!), this is a series for your shelves.

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