Night Hunt
Night Hunt by L.L. Raand
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Night Hunt is the third in L.L. Raand’s Midnight Hunters series and picks up the story immediately where Blood Hunt ended. Like the preceding book the story concerns Sylvan Mir’s Timberwolf pack and the struggles that they face now that the world is aware of the Preatern species.

This time the focus is on Nikki Kroff who is the imperator of the pack and is second only to Alpha Mir herself. After event involving Lara in Blood Hunt, Nikki finds herself almost addicted to giving blood to vampires. However it soon transpires that the pack’s medicus holds a greater sway over her. But the road is not easy for Nikki because Sophia Revnik refuses to give in to the urge to mate that being in heat that affects weres. She carries secrets that have the potential to destroy the pack were she to mate.

The journey of Nikki and Sophia is interesting given what the obstacles that they need to overcome. Nikki’s role of pack protector means that she views anything that is not of the pack as a threat to the pack. This causes problems given that that Drake, Sylvan’s mate was not pack born but turned via a were virus. It also threatens to drive a wedge between Nikki and Sophia before they even get started. But then, even Sophia doesn’t know the full story about herself and the impact the truth about her could cause.

There is no let up in Night Hunt and book itself is perhaps spread over the course of a couple of days and the action both erotic and otherwise is thick and fast with the various factions responding in different ways to what was done to Grey and Katya in the clandestine laboratory and Sylvan’s response.

An interesting point is that the factions themselves are becoming splintered. For example whilst Francesca, the Vice Regal of the vampires appears to be allied with both the weres and the Shadow Lords, it’s clear that she has her own agenda as does her major domo; Michel. Michel’s loyaties could be tested in the future depending upon how her burgeoning relationship with a member of the Timberwolf pack progresses.

However, within the pack itself, Lara one of the pack’s centuri has her own conflict of interests since her life was saved by the vampire Jody Gates. But is Lara still a wolf? Or something else?

Even the apparent enemy of Dr. Veronica Standish seems to have divided loyalties between her cause and Francesca’s vampires. Whether that is purely down to a vampire’s thrall remains to be seen given that blood addiction in humans is common.

And there you have it. Another tour de force of paranormal lesbian fiction by Radclyffe writing as L.L. Raand containing perhaps the most overtly dominant women I’ve ever read about.

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