The Lone Hunt
The Lone Hunt by L.L. Raand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Lone Hunt is the fourth in L.L. Raand’s Midnight Hunters series and is the best yet. Given that I have awarded five out of five stars to the previous books, that’s an impressive feat.

The story itself picks up just hours after the explosive finale of the preceding Night Hunt as the forces arrayed against Sylvan Mir and her Timberwolf pack seem to act with impunity whilst she tries to pursue acceptance for the praeterns through due process.

After events in previous books, Lara is struggling to find her new place in the praetern world. Raina, on the other hand knows where her loyalties lie; as alpha of the Catamount were cats, to her cubs and her pride even though she is on the run from them which brings her into Timberwolf territory and into the path of Lara.

We’ve met were cats before but usually only briefly as enforcers for the bad guys. It’s explained why that happens and how it leads Raina to run into a situation that normally results in a were cat’s death. I like Raina a lot. Unlike Lara who is believably torn between her old world and her new one, Raina’s only thought is escape and the survival of her cubs.

There is something that can’t be defined about Lara and Raina’s relationship that I enjoyed more than the others to date. Perhaps it was the fact that Raina gave Lara an anchor that she’d lost. And the fact that even though she is an alpha, she seems less bull headed than both Sylvan and Jody. However, that could well be because of the situation that she’s in.

Whilst that was the main relationship, things also progress in Francesca’s vampire seethe with Michel and Katya and Luce and Dr. Veronica Standish. Michel and Katya’s relationship, whilst more honest in that Michel isn’t compelling the young wolf is still somewhat clandestine because Michel is trying to hide its importance to her from her viceregal. However, Dr. Veronica Standish and her fixation on Luce, her vampire bodyguard isn’t what it seems and give the doctor’s previous behaviour…good!

Of course, a large portion is also devoted to Sylvan and Drake and Drake’s pregnancy. All I’m going to say on this is that the ending, whilst not a cliff hanger is certainly a nail biter with a twist. As for whether the twist is for better or for worse…I won’t spoil that.

Unfortunately, The Lone Hunt has only recently been published at time of writing which means a long wait for the hoped next in the series.

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