About me

About me? Phew, where to start?

Well, I’m a middle aged atheist, humanist & feminist who loves reading, writing, food and playing games generally refusing to grow up. I hail from a small island just off the coast of Europe, called England.

I still entertain the foolish hope of being a writer and therefore have high hopes that this blog will help achieve that. Failing everything, it’ll be an interesting experiment and a snapshot of my life at the current moment in time.

About the blog. Could be about anything, really. My life, the games I play, what I’m doing and what I’m feeling. I’m not putting restrictions on it so expect…anything!

About Cursed Pyramids. Simple, really. Cursed Pyramid is an anagram of my name (the singular was already reserved, dagnabit!). Blame it on reading too much J.K. Rowling and Dan Brown.

So, there you have it. For now…